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Your health makes this possible - happy xmas and new year folks A shameless plug for a site my brother runs. Check this out and share - its common and could be you. Heart failure at any time, stops you in your tracks. When your young it adjusts your outlook. www.pumpingmarvellous.com

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Big kid - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Image via Wikipedia My son came in this morning to show me the trailer, Harry Potter is great and I read the books from day 1. Seems a bit sad its all coming to an end but the next 2 films look epic. Anyway, 3D glasses here I come an excited daddy...

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Paul Allen sues Apple, Google, Facebook, others over Web patents Image via CrunchBase This is super interesting .... check this out. I really cannot believe this guy when he is worth as much as a small country, should be fun to watch unfold .... its sort of the same as the RIM issue some years back. Licensing...

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Resistance is futile - Oracle to assimilate RIM? This is a great article sent to me by a colleague - Jonathan Fisher.  This sort of follow's up on my post on OpenOffice. Oracle has been quietly in the background building up a significant portfolio of enterprise plays. Considering all the posting I...

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BlackBerry troubles me ..... Apologies for the silence, I have taken a nice break from technology for a bit to spend some time with my wife and kids. Despite my tech break, the whole BlackBerry security sega has been washing around in my head. It smells and actually stinks -...

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Android tablets to Rock the Market! Great summary of all the new Android slates coming into the market. Check it here Related articles by Zemanta LG Launching Android Tablet in Q4 2010 (intomobile.com) Samsung to introduce Android-based tablet in Q3 (theglobeandmail.com) Motorola...

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BlackBerry - where now, loyalty only lasts for so long Image via Wikipedia The world must seem like a very lonely place if your BlackBerry at the moment. Technology aside, BlackBerry has always had an intensely loyal following due to clever design at every level. The users loved the ability to...

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Join the dots - news I am reading ... I thought I would post up a few interesting articles I am reading whilst drinking my cup of coffee. Take them on face value or look deeper :) IBM hits out at Microsoft over review // 0){if (nl.getElementsByTagName("p").length>= paraNum){nl.insertBefore(tb,nl.getElementsByTagName("p")[paraNum]);}else...

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Openoffice - lets open our eyes Everyone gets stuck into a habit. I use both a Mac and a Windows powered PC and until recently the MAC was my creative console for my Photoshop and iTunes activity. Even though I had installed a previous version of OpenOffice, it was dire and unusable...

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Have Microsoft lost the plot? Before you put pen to paper on a topic like this you have to challenge yourself before you make such a bold statement - so note the question mark. Peter Drucker wisely noted, "Business has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation." High tech...

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#Cisco Cius video - this is one serious service for enterprises httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEk2MI4ZGlQ&feature=related

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#Cisco enterprise desktop game changer - Cius tablet PC running Android This is a great move from one of the mega vendors. Recently Cisco unveiled its Cius tablet PC running the Android 2.0 OS aimed squarely at business users. This is a game changer. As you will see from one of my previous posts - back in Siemens over...

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#Hosted Services – the right recipe for growth, prevent the lock in.

Category : BlackBerry, Cloud, Feature it, General, Google, hosting, Industry voices, Microsoft

The hosted services market has now reached that point of maturity where hosted exchange vendors are ten a penny. Personally I started in this market back in 2003 when margins were ‘rich’ for hosted services like Exchange, SharePoint, BlackBerry etc and subsequently went deeper into the vertical SaaS industry because I saw the writing on the wall. We built the business fast because we focused on value – we targeted lawyers, accountants, professional services industries – we not only gave them a great messaging solution, we partnered with software vendors who would offer them compliance, security and services like BlackBerry. These were not Microsoft technologies but services the market actually wanted. Continue Reading

Which flavour cloud – elastic, azure or a bit of apple sir?

Category : Amazon, AWS, Azure, Cloud, Facebook, Feature it, Google, hosting, HP, IBM, Microsoft

Firstly, I have not managed to finish this post. It was only meant to be a quick run down which has just got bigger the more I am thinking about this. Anyway, it’s not a deep technical view more of a pull it into a single page who are the main players and some wildcats. So in no particular order -Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Salesforce, Acadia (Cisco, EMC, VMWare tie up). I have also looked at Facebook – interesting spin? and one who I am sure is waiting in the sidelines, Apple.
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What is the cloud, its an opportunity to think like our children

Category : Cloud, Feature it, General, hosting, People

I was talking to my nearly 7 year old son the other day. As a ‘reward’ I let him have my old G5 mac in his bedroom to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. Before he was 4 he could click the little blue ‘e’ find toys r us and create a combined Christmas and birthday list of every combination power rangers and doctor who he could find. He is fascinated about how it all fits together and asks those questions ‘why’, what is a browser, can I watch all the doctor who episodes, how do you make software, where does it comes from? ……

Question – if you put 20 kids in a room and asked them to tell you about technology today, in 5 years or even 10, what would it look like?

My own interest in technology has made me actively encourage my kids interest in their mission for knowledge – their playroom could run NASA 20 years ago with their sky TV, Xbox and Wii plus the two hamsters who live on the shelf, who at night run the world aka Douglas Adam’s Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy -aka Mice.
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#How to bring all your social media channels together? check out RPX and GIGYA

Category : Cloud, Feature it, General, hosting, Social Media

Social media tools are here to stay but the problem is this – the internet is personal, we are bombarded with choice as to the ‘channel’ we use to communicate whether in all aspects of our lives. The challenge is this – consistency, being proactive and response.

With the development of technologies such as OAUTH there is literally a plethora of social networking tools that build discrete communities typically built around personal choice and preference. For example – I use facebook personally but have it no where near business. I use linkedin to manage my personal profile but use wordpress to post out my news supplementing my reach with tools such as Digg, Delicious, Stumble …….
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#Carriers need to ‘sell with’ big software vendors ….

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Just a little picture of a great boat in San Fran – 09!

I feel traitorous in what I am about to say, I have been one of those ‘start up’ guys who injected time and passion into the carriers over many years – I passionately and genuinely believe that this is where the hosted applications market is now at. The Hosted Exchange market specifically has completely commoditised, gone are the days of strong margin, service led value sales – this is plain, simple economics.
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The end to unlimited bandwidth – AT&T – O2 set the trend

Category : Cloud, Feature it, Mobile Operators

Why would I ever want to change my contract? I won’t – at least they have given us the choice, that’s one thing.

Call 2 weeks ago from O2

“Mr Evans, as a valued customer you are entitled to an iPhone upgrade and a more competitive plan blah blah” – no thanks! Quick maths

1. iPhone is out of contract
2. I am on an old contract – ok minutes, unlimited data
3. iPhone is a little ‘battered’ but works

Why do I want to pay £180 to upgrade my iPhone and be charged more money each month on my contract for a package that doesn’t give me the same value?
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